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All winnings and titles achieved by our dogs are subject to The UK Kennel Club and FCI rules and regulations.

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All our dog are trained or exercised on daily basis. They all hunt on quails, woodcock and occasionally on Snipes and Moorhens during our local seasons. Pointers are not retrievers in nature and therefore we emphasise and dedicate a lot of our training time in teaching our dogs to retrieve both from land and sea and we are proud to say that they do it with superb distinction.

Apart from being excellent hunters our dogs have also achieved success in the show ring in Championship all breed Dog Shows under FCI judges. This makes them an excellent dual purpose pointers, which is what we want to achieve.


We also share our house with the dogs. They are all part of our family and we are really happy to have them around and proud of owning them. Thanks to all the breeders involved in trusting us with these wonderful dogs.


To meet our dogs and view their pedigrees and story please click on their respective picture or hover on the page button above to view the menu.

We are pleased to say that we can now supply fresh chilled semen of our studs on request.

Kay -

Res.BIS/ BIS Int.Ch ShCh Jnr.Ch Chesterhope Kavallier Malti

Kay Avatar IMG_4742 32619796_1776091892429901_7551150889801613312_o

Laga -  

JnrCh Chesterhope Lady Lagertha