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All winnings and titles achieved by our dogs are subject to The UK Kennel Club and FCI rules and regulations.

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A 3 generation export pedigree will also be issued by the Malta Kennel Club together with a pet passport for puppies that are exported.


While we are commited to produce quality dual purpose puppies, we select the best and apropriate homes and promise to support and follow their progress from puppyhood to adulthood.



Finished dogs, ready to hunt are also available on request.


We are pleased to say that we can now supply fresh chilled and frozen semen of our studs on request.



Please feel free to contact us for more enquiries from button below.

It is very important to point out that we are NOT a commercial kennel or do any form of farming, we ONLY breed when we want to keep a pointer for our own kennels. We breed only after closely analyzing and be determined that what we produce is healthy, fit for purpose and most of all represent the breed. Our dogs are all health checked for Hip Displacia.


The main objective with our puppies is to start them on a very good nutritional diet for a healthy developement, introduce them to different environments, sounds, human contact, start them on feather training and promote interaction with us as their temporary owners.


Preparation from an early age is a fundamental key to a successful gundog and therefore we give guidelines to the new prospective owners on how to carry on with the training that we would have already started. Obviously once the puppies move to their new home we will be more than glad to offer further advice on how to proceed.

 All puppies are dewormed, defleaed, vaccined,

microchiped, Kennel Club registered with a 3 generation

pedigree, health checked regularly by our trusted Vet

and also certified prior to leaving our kennels. We also provide a Royal Canin puppy starter pack.

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