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All winnings and titles achieved by our dogs are subject to The UK Kennel Club and FCI rules and regulations.

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In July 2014 we got another important addition to our kennels. Kay - Cheterhope Kavallier Malti. Kay was a stunner from the start and in only 14 months he was a Maltese juniour champion and also won Best in Show all breeds under Russian judge Alexei Belkin. He is of great importance to our program as his lines go back to Franzini and this compliment really well with our line of breeding.


Berseydale Kennels are a family run project which aim to breed healthy and intelligent pointers that are fit for purpose.


We focus mainly on pointers which have an ability and strong instinct to hunt feather, excellent temperament, well constructed and have a type to outstand in the showring.  The choice of the subjects in our breeding program is based on analysing thoroughly the lines and characteristics that meet our goals and that is to breed dual purpose, healthy, sound puppies, full of type and character, and eager to please.

It all started in 2000 when we got our first pointer cross, Tina. She was very intelligent and immediately showed her hunting abilities. Tina turned out to be an excellent hunting companion and also did very well in obedience and agility, but I always loved the aristocracy and drive for hunting of the pointers.  


In 2006 we imported our first pointer - Zen, from the Flinthill kennel in UK.  The passion for the breed grew even stronger with Zen as he has a temperament to die for. Zen is such a happy boy, full of character and is so nice to have him around. He had a successfull show carrier, getting his National Champion title at only 2 years of age under FCI rules and regulations, apart from being a keen hunter. In 2009 we got our second pointer - Pete, from a local breeder but did not turn out as we liked and he is now enjoying a life in a loving home as a pet and hunting companion.

In January 2011 we introduced our first pointer bitch to our kennels - Luna, form the world renowned Italian Kennels, Franzini. She comes from both Italian show and working lines, so she was what we had sought for a long time, even for her lovely type and typical Italian style head. Luna is a very agile pointer and very keen on birds as well.


When we look back we feel that our kennels did develop and this postive achievement made us decide to move a step forward and so this was the start of a prosperous and responsible breeding program, aiming to produce healthy pointers that are fit for purpose, full of character, well constructed with sound temperament and a distinct type.  We are aiming to carry on with this program by selecting the subjects that we think they meet our objectives to manifest a breed type in respect to the breed standard.


With this vision in mind we bred our first litter which produced 3 males one of which is our own Primo - Ch Jnr Ch Berseydale Black Nightshade. He is out of Zen and Luna. This combination was what we were looking for as Primo preformed and got very good results in the show ring under international FCI judgess and also is a very keen hunter.