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Tiina was our first love for dogs. She was the start of everything and we thank her for inducing this love and passion for pointers. This inspiration grew day by day as she always was willing to please in what ever we thought her and did with her. We got her as a pet but as she showed a great interest in hunting she ended up as a working dog. Actually a very keen working bitch as she turned out to be! An excellent HPR with a very good sense of smell and always in search for a new feather. Tina was a German Shorthaired Pointer cross and was born on 16th April 2000.


Apart from being a very good hunting companion she was also excellent in obedience and agility. She won numerous awards during her 6 years in training and performances and her level is at novice stage and also bronze awarded in Good Citizenship Dog Scheme. Tina was outstanding in performing several tricks aswell and she did several shows with her fellow canine companions and cheered people.


She crossed over rainbow bridge on the 31st August 2011 and will be missed deeply but will be never forgotten. We love you Tina.

2000 - 2011


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